The Teaching Arm of the Church

Mrs. Rita Hunter Williams
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Study to show thyself approved unto God. (II Timothy 22:15)

The Discipleship Ministry is the teaching arm of the church purposed to promote and supervise the Christian training and development of the membership. The function of the Discipleship Ministry is to provide instruction in the Word of God and to support the primary mission of the church — making disciples for Christ. The Ministries housed under the umbrella of the Discipleship Ministry ensure that disciples of all ages, with different interests and needs are nurtured to witness a new life in Christ.


The Mission of the Shaw Temple Discipleship Ministry supports the church mission to provide spiritual direction, community development and individual empowerment through evangelism, worship, service, and fellowship. We employ resources to educate, equip and encourage God’s children for kingdom building. “The Kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:21) implies the intentional process of making disciples from the inside out. An open invitation is extended to all who would come and connect with Jesus to deepen prayer life, develop family ties, and gain inspiration through God’s Word. Our visionary Pastor, dynamic ministerial team, and cadre of commissioned teachers and staff are transformed to teach and teaching to transform.


The ultimate goal of the ministry is to produce Kingdom citizens.

  • To establish follow up techniques and discipleship teaching for new converts
  • To promote teaching strategies that apply biblical principles to daily living
  • To teach the importance of prayer in the lives of Christians
  • To teach the disciplines of the Holy Spirit
  • To identify spiritual gifts and teach how to apply these gifts in the body of Christ
  • To offer support for caregivers/bereaved/parents
  • To connect with various ethnic agencies to attract diverse disciples, and overcome language barriers
  • To strengthen citizens’ spiritual maturity through age-appropriate curriculum and programs

Administratively, The Discipleship Ministry provides guidance to all ministries that fall within the realm of teaching purpose. The ministry incorporates three basic areas: teaching, resources, and community outreach.

The Teaching Arm of the Church


Christian Education Department

Director of Adults
Director of Young Adults 
Director of Youth
Director of Children
Director of Nursery/Childcare

Business Alliance
Bread, Books and Bible
Girl Scouts
PK Power
Learning Center Board of Directors
Educator's Advisory Council
Library Media
Academic Mentoring Ministry
Boyz to Men Mentoring Ministry
F.A.M. (Fearfully & Awesomely Made) Mentoring
Sunday Church School
Vacation Bible School