Fellowship Ministry

The Loving Arm of the Church

Mrs. Gusanita Roberson
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The Fellowship Ministry of Shaw Temple was established to provide church members, family, friends, and visitors, unique and exciting opportunities to enjoy each other in Christian love through frequent church activities, planned social events, group trips and outings, and other fun filled fellowship engagements. It is intended that fellowship activities be the impetus for members to enjoy a closer relationship with their church family and ultimately with God.


In the spirit of Christian love and fellowship, we provide an atmosphere throughout the church that promotes camaraderie, spiritual relationships, social activities, and other exciting fun filled events, while reflecting God’s goodness in everything we say and do.


To glorify God through fellowship with others
To share God’s word in environments outside of the worship experience
To support other ministries of the church through fellowship
To create opportunities for community outreach through fun filled activities and other social engagements

The Fellowship Ministry Consists of the Following Ministries:

Cancer Support Group (Female)
Cancer Support Group (Male)
Couple's Ministry
Women's Ministry
Men's Ministry
Ministry of Assimilation
Singles Ministry    
Seniors' Ministry
Senior Singles Ministry
Wellness Ministry