Welcome to our new and improved giving page, where we've recenly launched a consolidation effort to streamline our giving mediums to one platform.  We now supply kiosk, online and application giving through one provider "SecureGive", which means that you will only need to keep up with one user profile for all three mediums.  With this new, conslidated platform, you only need to know three things depending on which medium you choose to make your donation.  See the details below.

  1. Your phone number that is linked to this profile is all that you need to give on the kiosk.  
  2. For online and application giving, both your phone number and your password are needed.
  3. Your email address (online and application giving only so that you can reset your password if you forget it)

SG Three Ways To Give

Click on the SecureGive button below to give online. If you already have a PayPal profile and wish to use it, then you have that option as well, via the second donate button below.

SG-Donate-Button 112x50


For instructions on how to install the SecureGive app for your smart phones and tablets,  please visit your Apple or Android App store to download SecureGive. For more information about SecureGive and how to install it, click on the SecureGive logo below.