Five Fold Ministry

The Shaw Temple A. M. E. Zion Church Five-Fold Ministry has the responsibility of attending to the spiritual, social, and physical needs of our members from conversion throughout their spiritual journey. The church has established ministries to reach out to bring persons who are un-churched and churched into the body to cleanse, teach, serve, and love them into a stronger relationship with the Lord.

The outgrowth of their involvement in our church is the principle of duplication. It is our intent that once members are transformed into growing and equipped members through teaching and training that they would be faithful in ministering to others. As new converts become actively involved in the church’s mission, the acceptance of Christ as Savior and growth of Christians are perpetual.

Recognizing that ministry is limited if one is not able to meet people where they are and assist them with their needs, the five divisions of the five-fold ministry—evangelism, worship, discipleship, fellowship, and service—are designed to accomplish working with individuals at all levels. Our objectives include the following:

  • To produce kingdom citizens, i.e. to follow-up and disciple new converts; to teach biblical principles for daily living; and to emphasize the importance of prayer

  • To provide a holistic ministry that is spiritual, educational, and recreational to include but not limited to supplying basic needs (clothing, food); family, grief, and marriage counseling; financial planning; parenting skills, prison ministry, special needs ministry, senior citizens assistance, wellness; children and youth ministry

  • To develop a multicultural/diverse ministry to include race, culture, and special needs differences

  • To expand and continually strengthen the Biblical and Leadership Institute

  • To establish a worldwide media ministry to reach the world for Christ through preaching and teaching His Word.

  • To maximize our evangelic impact through training of laity and clergy and through marketing strategies

Each division of the five-fold ministry is headed by a minister or lay person who is responsible for overseeing the operations and programs of the ministries for which they have responsibility. Oversight involves meeting with the heads of assigned organizations for planning, establishing an annual budget and calendar, program evaluation, and resolving any issues that may impede the progress of the program.

All of the responsibilities of the five-fold ministry lead to one task which is to provide spiritual direction, community development, and individual empowerment.

The motto of Shaw Temple A.M.E. Zion Church is “Seeing, Speaking and Serving the Same Vision.” Through the five-fold ministry our vision of winning souls for Christ and developing them into His disciples is accomplished.

The Five-Fold Ministry also supports the Pastor in the creation of administrative policies and procedures.  Please find the Shaw Temple A.M.E. Zion Administrative Policies below.

Policy-Procedure Manual-OFFICIAL