The Congregational Care Ministry intentionally concerns itself with the spiritual and social health and wellness of each member of our church from birth until death. The minister of Congregational Care works with the appropriate ministries to ensure that each member knows that Shaw Temple cares for their well-being in times of joy, sorrow and anything that affects their welfare. The following ministries assist with making sure our members are cared for:

LIFE (Living Intentional Faith and Evangelism) Groups

This ministry ensures that everyone who identifies Shaw Temple as their church home is reached out to and connected to ministry in some way. Additionally, it is our goal that each member of the church become a part of a LIFE Group (small group) for discipleship and outreach.

Intercessory Pray

Prayer is the foundation of a healthy church and healthy Christian. The Intercessory Prayer Ministry is responsible for corporate prayer for the church and its members through the weekly prayer line, prayer meetings, and other creative ways to promote praying and to pray together.

The Steward Board

This board ensures the stewardship and distribution of the church resources to edify the congregation, provide support to the Pastor, his family, and provide relief for the needy and distressed members of the church.

The Lay Council

This ministry is responsible for promoting and deepening the spiritual life of the laity of the church. This group works to expand and promote the mission of the church, disseminate information concerning connectional lay activities, and sponsor relevant local activities for laity support of church ministries.