As of today there are now four ways to give through SecureGive, of which our latest is Text-To-Give!  Take advantage of the ease and simplicty of our new Text-To-Give service in two texts.  Follow the simple instructions below to begin your Text-To-Give experience at Shaw Temple!

To give using Shaw Temple’s Text-To-Give, you will need to make note of a few things.  One is the Text-To-Give number and the other is the list of keywords available to you for your giving options.  The Shaw Temple Text-To-Give number is (770-766-4377).

Keywords (Not case sensitive):

  • tithe

  • offering

  • mok (Ministry of Kindness)

  • capitalcampaign

  • endowment

Our three other Giving Options through SecureGive all take advantage of one user profile, making it easy to give anyway that you choose, without having to remember new login credentials.  We’ve provided a quick overview of the three remaining options below, for your quick reference.