Commitment to Evangelism

Our number one commitment is and will always be sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. We want to always remain true to the mission of the church found in Matthew 28:19-20. We’re committed to the development of a 21st century model of evangelism. We believe that evangelism breaks through the barriers of class and culture and the gospel unites us as brothers and sisters in the kingdom of God.

Commitment to Education

We seek to present all persons connected to Shaw Temple as mature in Christ. This is accomplished through learning to live as Christ’s disciples. We’re committed to:

  • educating each member spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially.
  • preaching and teaching Methodist doctrine that achieves success in all these areas.
  • organizing classes, small groups, resources and staff to help each member walk closer to Jesus through effective Christian Education.

Further, we acknowledge the disparities in the educational system in our country. We know it is imperative for our children to have early starts in establishing the foundation of academic success. Therefore, we’re committed to action. We support the Shaw Temple Learning Center where our children are loved and learning that they may grow up to lead.

Commitment to Children and Youth

We’re intentional about evangelizing, educating and empowering children and youth in our church. We utilize the Word of God, programs, resources, training that disciples them and prepares them to commit to living for Christ in this present culture.

Commitment to Social Justice

We understand that Shaw Temple doesn’t exist unto itself. We are Christ’s disciples and are therefore committed to reach out to address the needs among our community. We speak for those who have no voice. As a congregation, we speak truth to power. We believe that social justice was part of the essence of Jesus Christ’s ministry on earth.

Commitment to Excellence

Shaw Temple is one of the premier African Methodist Episcopal Zion Churches in the world. We’re committed to modeling excellence in ministry every time and in every way. We’re committed to excellence in our “customer service” (defined as how we treat our members, visitors and guests from the moment they pull into our parking lot, when they leave our services, or in any correspondence with our church) We’re committed to being the standard of excellence in Christian service.

Commitment to Humility

We’re committed to remaining humble because we understand any level of success in ministry is not because of us, but because of the grace and favor of God in our congregation. We’re committed to maintaining a spirit of love, and glorifying God for any success or victory we’re blessed to experience.